Harry's Hi-Fi was established in 1983 by myself and my wife Patricia.

We are both life-long music lovers with a combined 65 years in the Hi-Fi business.

Our business was started by the desire to offer people the most accurate reproduction of music possible, while being mindful that quality music reproduction is not an elite domain.

We have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with the best equipment available in all price ranges and to fully demonstrate and explain why we are using specific products.

We believe that people deserve friendly, helpful, individual service which is fast disappearing in today’s retail environment. Whether a customer is shopping for a table radio or a full blown state of the art Hi-Fi everyone should be treated equally and honestly and customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Our many years of experience has enabled us to select the finest products available. And our success has allowed us to provide a wide range of equipment from very affordable to ultra high-end product. Each piece of gear we sell , has been selected based on sound quality as well as quality of build and must come from a manufacturer that we know we can count on for first rate service if the need arises.

We are located at 1437 Rose St here in Regina and we would be pleased if you dropped in for a visit. We’re certain you will find a homey atmosphere and a welcome relief from the soulless big box warehouses.

Cheers, Pat & Harry