Like all of our products the equipment we use for custom installations is nothing but the best.

All of our Audio/Video receivers are from ARCAM and our speakers are exclusively from Bowers & Wilkins (B&W).

Custom and Multi-Room installations require special expertise if they are to be of any practical use.

We repeatedly hear of nightmare situations where people have spent thousands of dollars on a system only to find that they have a house full of expensive equipment they are unable to use because they have not been shown how to use it properly or it is just too complex to figure out.

To avoid this all too common occurrence we have partnered with AUTOMATED AV , Regina’s most respected whole home custom installation company. They are fully familiar with all of the products we sell and are capable of installing systems of the highest quality and sophistication and simplifying them for ease of use. They will not consider a job complete until the customer can say with confidence that they know fully how to use it.

As in everything else we do, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.